Temporary Notice

News for November 2018.

by Dave Skipper

As stated from the start, my goal for this blog is to post weekly. I hope to continue this for several years. I have 2 major problems, however:

  1. Too many ideas to explore, and
  2. Not enough time.

The ideal answer to both of these is the same: find more time!

At the time of writing this, I have many other tasks and responsibilities on my plate, so I have decided to take a break from publishing blog posts for around a month or so (although I might put some links or images up along the way for you to check out). I have 40+ articles that I have started, but am struggling to complete them to my satisfaction right now with my current time constraints. Rest assured that I will be back soon and raring to go! I am so excited about some of the material I am working on, and I hope you will agree with me that it’s better to wait for me to inject the necessary degree of quality into these writings. Meanwhile, I am thinking about how I can accelerate my productivity in 2019 so that alongside the weekly blog posts I can push into additional research that will expand on the blog for potential future publications.

In the meantime, if you have read a handful or more of my articles here over the past 10 months I would really appreciate hearing from you regarding which articles or series you have found to be most stimulating. Feel free to comment below or to email me at reppiks(at)gmail(dot)com. With so many topics that I want to write about, it would be great to know what is hitting the spot. For me personally, I am most excited about continuing the series A Brief History of Noise and The Ultimate Noisician. And I am especially keen to get underway with the future series Elemental Noises.

Ok, I will check back in here in a few weeks!

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