In this series I reveal and unlock all the 27 desires that noisers love noise / noise music! And every desire starts with the letter ‘E’ (‘E’ is for ‘Exciting!’) I give my own personal slant on each one according to the following format (‘D’ is for ‘Desire!’):

  1. Description – what does this desire feel like and look like? In the form of a poem.
  2. Diary – a personal anecdote or experience in which I imagine or identify with this desire.
  3. Distinctives – what makes this desire unique?
  4. Dangers – why this desire shouldn’t go too far (from the Bible’s perspective).
  5. Direction – how this desire should be channelled for good (from the Bible’s perspective).
  6. Destination – my conclusion.

Here are the links for the articles completed so far:

Desire for Noise – Why we love noise! Introduction to the series, with a brief survey of all 27 desires.

Empowerment – Alive, in control, invincible.
Exploring the Edges – Adventure and discovery.
Enigma – Savouring the mystery.
Enjoyment – Pure and simple.