In this series I study Bible passages in which God makes noise. I explore the connotations, meanings, and implications of various types of noise that flow out of the character and actions of God. Most of all, I seek to exalt Jesus Christ as the ‘image of the invisible God’ made manifest through noise.

The Ultimate Noisician – The noisiest of them all. Introduction to the series.
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VOICE OF NOISE – A four-part study of the theology of thunder as the voice of God, from Psalm 29. And how can this psalm inform and inspire an original conceptual approach to making noise music?

Voice of Noise 1/4 – Noise of God, God of Noise.
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Voice of Noise 2/4 – Attributes of God.
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Voice of Noise 3/4 – Progressive noise structures.
Voice of Noise 4/4 – Echoes and foreshadowings.

VISIONS OF NOISE – What can we learn from the noise that accompanied John’s lucid vision of Jesus Christ in the book of Revelation?

Visions of Noise 1/2 – Like the sound of rushing waters.
Visions of Noise 2/2 – forthcoming



Noisy Night, Holy Night – God with us. Some Christmas-themed thoughts on the sounds of the Incarnation: Jesus the Son of God born as a tiny baby.