This series is comprised of articles that respectively 1)  introduce this blog, 2) provide some reference materials on noise, 3) lay some of the theological foundations for my writings,  4) don’t fit comfortably in other series, and 5) provide some blog-specific stats/goals/comments. The articles are listed below under these five general groups, rather than in chronological (published) order.


The Word on NoiseIntroducing this blog. Includes brief descriptions of all the different article series that I hope to tackle.
_____(Pocket-sized summary)
What Noise?Noise is sound is music? What do I mean by noise and by noise music?
_____(Pocket-sized summary)
What Word?Deep. Eternal. Resonant. Why I believe the Bible as the Word of God is important for this blog.
_____(Pocket-sized summary.)
How to Listen to Noise MusicNo-nonsense tips. Practical pointers and ideas for how to listen to noise music for the first time!


Definitely NoiseDefining the undefinable. Different understandings of what noise is.
Classified NoiseCategories and lists. A fairly comprehensive overview of different ways of classifying types of noise.
Fields of NoiseA glossary of disciplines and applications. Self-explanatory.


Symbolism and NoiseMore than meets the ear. How a Biblical view of the world helps to give meaning to noise.
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Thinking About NoiseWhy do I do it? Some key Bible verses and thoughts about why I think that thinking about noise is worthwhile!
_____(Pocket-sized summary)
The True Nature of Sound – FORTHCOMING
The Trinitarian Foundations of Noise – FORTHCOMING 


The Noise WithinA personal note. Describing internal emotional and spiritual conflict with reference to noise.
My Ears Are RavenousAn ode to harsh noise music. A poem I wrote.
Noise as ?What? Something short that doesn’t fit elsewhere.
Noise as PraiseFrom quarks to quasars. Includes my noise-laden paraphrase of Psalm 148.


Project Roadmap – Long-term plans and statistics for the blog.
Blog Feedback – A selection of comments received about the blog.
2019 Goals – Annual review and goals for the blog.
2020 Goals – Annual review and goals for the blog.
Project Updates, August 2020 – Recording, Reading, Writing, Studying
2020 Overview