Introducing this blog.

by Dave Skipper


This is a summary version of the original article The Word On Noise.

Click here for full list of Pocket-Sized Summaries.


Article Series on this blog include the following (in alphabetical order):

Analysing the origins, progress, and destination of noise from within the Bible’s framework.

  • Beauty in Noise

Parallels between noise and beauty in the world around us.

  • Book Reviews

Reviews of various books about noise, noise music, and theology of the arts.

  • Desire for Noise

Exploring the reasons why we love to listen to and to make noise music.

  • Effects of Noise

Noise and the senses, the emotions, physiology, community, and science.

  • Elemental Noises – Creaturely Noises – Man-Made Noises

A survey of natural noises and their Biblical associations.

  • Listen Here!

Noise compositions/performances (mostly mine) with comments and background notes.

  • Music in the Bible

Functions of music and its interplay with culture, religion, politics, and worldview.

  • Noise Church

How can noise music interface with the practices of the Christian church?

  • Noise Figures

Interacting with influential theories, writings, and perspectives on noise.

Interviews with contemporary noise artists.

  • Noise. Life. Death.

A deeper philosophical analysis of noise, eternity, chaos, and more!

  • Noise Tools

The value and function of distortion, feedback, improvisation, silence, etc.

Short studies in noise-themes Old Testament prophecies.

  • Scripture Sonics

Word studies in noise-related terms that appear in the original Bible texts (Hebrew and Greek).

  • The Noisician

The purposes and possibilities of the noise artist to enrich or uglify.

How and what God reveals about himself through noise.

  • The Word on Noise

Foundations of my approach to noise and the Bible.

  • Watch This!

Essential videos and documentaries from the world of noise.

  • Words for the Artist

Perspectives and principles that the Bible offers to artists of all kinds.


Please contact me with:

  • Corrections (grammatical or factual errors)
  • Questions for clarification
  • Suggestions for future topics
  • Useful links or resources (books, interviews, websites, etc)
  • Constructive critiques of my writing style or content

You can email me at: reppiks(at)gmail(dot)com

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