These articles fall under three categories: 1) notes about the inception and execution of some of the tracks and albums I have released; 2) video footage of some of my live performances with notes about gear, improvisation, etc; 3) reviews or links to music from other artists (I could dedicate an entire blog to doing this, but that’s not my remit so the selection here is extremely ad hoc, limited, and unrepresentative).

RELEASES (in chronological order) – 

Spumescent – My first weird crazy music, 2003.
Iron Curtain Noise Volume 1 – My first noise album, released August 2011.
Iron Curtain Noise Volume 2 – My second noise album, released December 2011.
Mutant Circuitry – Kelly Churko part 1.
Maximum Metaphysical Discontinuity – Good Friday noise.
Low-Orbit Debris – With thanks to Ben-san!
The Dead Tremble – Live at Oita AtHall, 2019/01/27.
Quantum Reverie – Live at ‘Calm & Silence #2’
Unshakeable Kingdom – An unreleased earthquaking live harsh noise track.
SGR 1806-20 new album for Soup – 3 tracks of noise to download.

LIVE FOOTAGE (in chronological order) – 

Otherworldly Improvisation – Koto and modular synth.
PowWow Performance – Live video from February 2018.
Another PowWow Performance – Live video from July 2018.
The Dead Tremble – Live at Oita AtHall, 2019/01/27.
Kerrunching, Grinding, Raucous Noise – Live at KGRN, 2019-06-25.
Live Watermelon Curry – With VJ Hexler at Ochiai Soup, 2019-07-21.
Untangled Guts Comeback – With VJ Hexler at Ochiai Soup, 2019-09-14.
Live in November 2020 – Super Dommune & Kansai Festival of Modular.

OTHER ARTISTS (in chronological order)- 

BlackPhone 666 – Riddim Posse – Deejay collage cut up.
Kinnara : Desi La – Architecture – Treasure from the black avant-garde.