BlackPhone 666 – Riddim Posse (series: Listen Here! part 6)

Deejay collage cut up.

by Dave Skipper

Ok, enough talking about noise and noise music, now it’s time to listen to one of my favourite little noise ditties – a perfect introduction for the uninitiated!

Who is BlackPhone 666?

A native of Tokyo and one of my absolute favourite live noise artists. Yes he really uses old-style black telephones, hacked to incorporate contact mics, control knobs, and unknown custom electronics, combined with an array of mixers and FX pedals (delays, distortions, etc). His style is predominantly in the realm of harsh noise, often with cut-up elements and a strong dub influence. His voice and feet get to play as well as his hands, yielding an all-round visceral experience for both performer and audience. Control, dynamics, atmospherics, energy, technique, production, form, volume, bass frequencies, tension, innovation, feedback, rumbles and screeches and the harshest textures – he is the complete package, a true craftsman! You always know you’re in for a treat when BP666 is on the bill of a noise show (or any other kind of show)!

Listen Here!

Check out this track (only 1 minute and 25 seconds long!) which he describes as ‘deejay collage cut up’ – it’s a magnificently concise summary of many of the components that he continues to explore thoroughly in his exceptional artistry. Crank it up!


  • BlackPhone 666 homepage (includes video clips, live schedule, merchandise etc)

  • BlackPhone 666 releases for listening and buying (support independent artists!):


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