My first concept noise album אֵלִיָּהוּ (Elijah) is a new breed: an intense investigation into the paradigm-shattering interweaving of ancient revelation and modern harsh noise. The Old Testament prophet Elijah’s dramatic and infamous confrontation with the 450 prophets of the storm-god Baal, followed by his unique encounter with the Lord God Yahweh, proves fertile territory for a diverse and blistering sonic tapestry. This is noise for the faithful few, for those who refuse to bow to the cultural idols of the day!

In addition, I will be posting here a series of short articles about the making of the album, including track-by-track notes; the schedule of these articles is listed below.

Album title: אֵלִיָּהוּ [“エリヤーフ” / “Eliyahu” / Elijah / エリヤ]
Artist: Dave Skipper
Genre: noise, harsh noise, experimental, field recordings, modular synth, musique concrete
Release date: 2020/12/18
Available from:  Amazon(JP) / Disk Union / me! / etc

Promo videos:

Album Notes & Track Notes:

Album Notes 1: Project Origin, Album Title, “Christian Noise?”
Album Notes 2: Preparation, Recording, Editing
Album Notes 3: Album Overview

Track Notes: 01) Shrivelling Land
Track Notes: 02) Summon the Prophets!
Track Notes: 03) Slashing Flesh While Deities Slumber
Track Notes: 04) Soaked Stones
Track Notes: 05) Supernatural Fire
Track Notes: 06) Slaughter of the Prophets
Track Notes: 07) Stormclouds a’Comin’
Track Notes: 08) Superhuman Sinews
Track Notes: 09) Scheming Reprobates / Strength to the Suicidal
Track Notes: 10/11/12) Cyclonic! Seismic! Scorching!
Track Notes: 13) Susurrations of the Almighty
Track Notes: 14) Seven Thousand Saints
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Album cover art:
A pic from photoshoot for this album release. Photo by Yuji Oyama: