This is my heavyweight thinking series in which I delve deep into the meaning and limits of noise as it illuminates and reckons with the biggest questions. I tackle such themes as death, resurrection, power, nihilism, origins, randomness, chaos, revolution, religion, quantum physics, and more, from an explicitly Christian perspective. Along the way I also try to extend my insights into creative concepts and ideas relevant to the process of artistic noise-making.

part 1: The Paradoxes of NoiseStay in Wonderland. Series introduction in which I survey the landscape of noise’s extremities and contradictions.

part 2: Metal Machine MusicThe existential power of noise. I describe in detail the impact and thought processes instigated by my first significant immersion into noise music (when I listened intensively through Lou Reed’s seminal and controversial album Metal Machine Music).

part 3: Absolute Limits of NoiseTheological thoughts from Metal Machine Music. Follow-up to the previous article. An extended investigation into my subsequent musings, and some initial ramifications for starting to develop a Christian viewpoint on the nature of noise.

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Buddhism and Noise

Occultism and Noise

Mutually Exclusive Noise