In this series I survey and ponder a variety of noise-themes extracts from the Bible’s Old testament prophecies, and relate them to ideas for new noise music concepts.

Timeless Noise Oracles – Wisdom and warnings from ancient times. Introduction to the series, in which I summarise the nature and purpose of Old Testament prophecies.

Recommissioned War/Junk Metal – Thoughts on Isaiah 2:1-4, in which I extol the virtues of utilising and redeeming scrap metal, weaponry, and the physical remnants of destruction.

Noise as Disfigurement – Thoughts on Isaiah 52:13-15, in which I relate the abuse and death of Jesus Christ to the juxtaposition of noise’s horror and hope.

Rattling Bones – Thoughts on Ezekiel 37:1-10, in which I contemplate this strangest of visions to the sounds of resurrection.

How to Inherit the Earth – The noise of politics, or the politics of noise? Thoughts on Psalm 2: the noise of politics, or the politics of noise? I ponder the role and symbolism of noise in the trajectory of history and in the clash and outcome of kingdoms and empires.

to be continued…