In this series I survey and ponder a variety of noise-themes extracts from the Bible’s Old testament prophecies, and relate them to ideas for new noise music concepts.

Timeless Noise Oracles – Wisdom and warnings from ancient times. Introduction to the series, in which I summarise the nature and purpose of Old Testament prophecies.

Recommissioned War/Junk Metal – Thoughts on Isaiah 2:1-4, in which I extol the virtues of utilising and redeeming scrap metal, weaponry, and the physical remnants of destruction.

Noise as Disfigurement – Thoughts on Isaiah 52:13-15, in which I relate the abuse and death of Jesus Christ to the juxtaposition of noise’s horror and hope.

Rattling Bones – Thoughts on Ezekiel 37:1-10, in which I contemplate this strangest of visions to the sounds of resurrection.

How to Inherit the Earth – The noise of politics, or the politics of noise? Thoughts on Psalm 2: the noise of politics, or the politics of noise? I ponder the role and symbolism of noise in the trajectory of history and in the clash and outcome of kingdoms and empires.

Woe to the Bloody City!The prophet Nahum. What do we make of the violent overthrow of violent empires? God and noise are very present in the upheaval of nations…

to be continued…