• Are you intrigued by my blog, but find the articles are sometimes too long? Or that you don’t have time to keep up?
  • Do you sometimes find my style of writing a bit convoluted or difficult?
  • Have you read some of my long articles, but now you can’t remember the key points?

If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes,’ then these Pocket-Sized Summaries are definitely for you! I am putting together easy-to understand bullet-pointed summaries of some of my articles. Each will be around a quarter of the original length (so on average about 500 words). I hope that these will be helpful for you!


These are the currently planned Pocket-Sized Summaries (note that at the time of posting this some of the full articles mentioned below – marked with an asterisk (*) – are in progress and not yet published). If there are any other articles/series on this blog that you want to receive the ‘Pocket-Sized Summaries’ treatment then please let me know!

from the series THE WORD ON NOISE:

* these two articles may end up in the Noise. Life. Death. series

from the series A BRIEF HISTORY OF NOISE:

  • Chimeric Noise – Pocket-Sized Summary
  • Creation of Noise – Pocket-Sized Summary
  • * Curse of Noise – Pocket-Sized Summary
  • * Cure for Noise – Pocket-Sized Summary
  • * Culmination of Noise – Pocket-Sized Summary
  • * Curious Noises – Pocket-Sized Summary

from the series NOISE. LIFE. DEATH.:

  • Absolute Limits of Noise- Pocket-Sized Summary
  • * Occultism and Noise – Pocket-Sized Summary
  • * Mutually Exclusive Noise – Pocket-Sized Summary