2019 Goals

Time is irretrievable.
by Dave Skipper


2018 is gone forever. I had planned to post articles on this blog every week, but ended up skipping November due to time constraints. But I managed to keep on track the rest of the year. Overall I posted 47 articles, of which the top 7 most read were:

#1 – Classified Noise
#2 – The Word On Noise
#3 – What Noise?
#4 – Creation of Noise 1/5
#5 – Project Roadmap
#6 – BlackPhone666 – Riddim Posse
#7 – Symbolism and Noise

And the 2,500+ hits on this site came from 44 countries, of which the top 7 came from 6 different continents:

#1 – Japan
#2 – United Kingdom
#3 – United States
#4 – Canada
#5 – Austria
#6 – Brazil
#7 – Australia


Here are some of my goals for this year on this blog:

  • General site layout/content/promotion:
    – Update site layout and design;
    – Add tags to articles;
    – Make the content of some of the longer/denser article more accessible (easy-to-read summary versions? Podcasts?);
    – Get some of the key articles and/or summaries translated into Japanese;
    – I hate self-promotion, but somehow I want to try and get the word out about this blog a bit further online.
  • New material:
    – I want to try and double my written output to two articles per week, while still only publishing one per week. This will build up a stockpile of articles enabling me to invest more time in the future to the deeper research that I am waiting to embark on.
    – Start the Noise Interviews series
    – Start the Book Reviews series
    – Complete the A Brief History of Noise series
    – Otherwise continue to post in the other ongoing series that I have already started.

  • Music projects:
    – Discover and listen to more noise/experimental/avant-garde music;
    – Maybe start to create and curate a series of short noise snippets for blog pieces;
    – Maybe start a small independent tape label to self-release some short recordings;
    – Start work on some larger concept recordings.

Finally, here is my underlying motto/vision for this blog in 2019 and beyond. It’s short and simple, but it’s also profound – and I guess it’s probably unique:


See you out there!

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