Project Roadmap

Updated: 2018-10-27

by Dave Skipper

As I undertake a comprehensive long-term study of the relationship between the Bible and noise, I thought it would be helpful to set out a few relevant stats and goals that I can update regularly in one place. The stats below will be updated weekly, while changes or additions to the other notes further down about my writing plans will happen on an ad hoc basis as necessary.

The most recent date of any changes to this post will always be displayed on the blog homepage:

Latest blog stats

  • Date of first blog post: 2018-01-06
  • Number of blog posts: 43
  • Total words written: 81,631
  • Total pages* written: 226.8
  • Average words per blog post: 1,898
  • Average pages* per blog post: 5.3
  • Longest blog post: Voice of Noise 3/4 @ 5,124 words (14.2 pages)
  • Number of article series started: 8

* at 360 words per page

Projected blog stats

  • Number of article series planned: 14+
  • Number of articles planned: 250+
  • Total words: 600,000+
  • Total pages*: 1,500+

* at 360 words per page

Three tiers of writing

  • LightFormat: short articles (blog posts) and high quality printed booklets
    • Style: succinct and focussed
    • Average length: 500 words per article
    • Language: intermediate English and Japanese translation
    • Timescale: early 2019? ongoing
    • Frequency: quarterly?
    • Purpose: to experiment with presenting some of my material in a less analytical, more contemplative or question-provoking style
    • Purpose: to clearly summarise and systematise key concepts taken from the medium writing tier (below)
    • Purpose: to reach a wider audience through the combination of concise and accessible material, printed format, and Japanese translation
  • Medium(note: this is the normal level of writing on this blog)Format: longer articles (blog posts)
    • Style: engaging and thought-provoking
    • Average length: 2,000 words per article (occasionally up to a maximum of around 5,000 words)
    • Language: intermediate-advanced English, challenging but readable
    • Timescale: Jan 2018 ongoing (projected for minimum 4 years’ content)
    • Frequency: weekly
    • Purpose: to get all the thoughts in my head down on paper and into the world!
    • Purpose: to set out the foundations and the breadth of my position on the Bible and noise
    • Purpose: to develop my writing style and discover my readership
  • HeavyFormat: high quality books (online/pdf and printed/published)
    • Style: thorough and well-researched
    • Average length: as long as necessary!
    • Language: intermediate-advanced English, challenging but readable; Japanese translation too!
    • Timescale: to be determined
    • Purpose: to achieve a truly comprehensive and far-reaching worldview on a Biblical understanding of noise and a full-orbed application of the Bible to all aspects of noise and noise-making and noise culture
    • Purpose: to research and interact wide and deep with relevant writings (whether in the form of books, articles, interviews, reviews, etc) from the fields of noise, musicology, the arts, theology, philosophy, physics, etc, integrating or critiquing perspectives and expertise from these materials as appropriate
    • Purpose: to challenge and inspire noisicians, musicians, experimental and avant-garde music lovers, Christians in the arts, thinking Christians, and Christian leaders

Plenty to keep me busy for a couple of decades I reckon!!!

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