Live in November 2020 (series: Listen Here! part 19)

Super Dommune & Kansai Festival of Modular.
by Dave Skipper

Like most artists, I had fewer gigs in 2020 than for many years. Happily, two of my sets were recorded on video thanks to the wonderful Doravideo, and I was pretty happy with how those performances went, so here they are…

First of all at Super Dommune, I was pleased with the pacing and sonics of this set. As for the drill, I have zero interest in posing or trying to be cool, it was literally just the tool for the job (great sound and fun to use). Ok, maybe I want to be just the tiniest bit cool…?! Haha.

Then at Kansai Festival of Modular in Osaka, it was fun to belt this out nice and loud through the PA.


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