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last updated 2018/09/30
by a variety of friends and strangers.

I thought it would be helpful for myself to gather into one place the various bits of feedback I’ve had on my blog writings. I ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ about whether or not to make this into a blog post. Is it too egotistical to publicise praise? I hate to self-promote. Indeed I’m pretty hopeless at it when it comes to my activities as a musician. But then I figured hardly anyone will read this here anyway, so what difference does it make, haha! In the first place I am writing for my own benefit, to satisfy my own curiosity and interests. I’m committed to and passionate about this project, regardless of what people think of it. I believe it is a worthwhile endeavour for its own sake, regardless of how many (or few) people ever interact with it.

So anyway I thought I’d start with a more critical quote, one that many of you readers may identify with!

“Enjoying your posts. Wish they were a little shorter though…you’re wearing me out!”

I enjoyed that one. Yep, the words keep adding up and up and up! 🙂 I am deeply grateful and appreciative for any and every reader who lands up somewhere on the blog, whether dipping in now and then or gobbling everything up avidly week after week – THANK YOU, each and every one of you! The encouragement does make a difference, helping to spur me on on difficult days. At the same time I am waiting for some more combative responses, but maybe that will only happen when I actually try to promote the blog more widely on relevant online forums etc., if I ever get round to doing that. 😉

So then, here is the list of comments in reverse length order. I will add in additional comments as and when.

“I’m really enjoying your thoughtfulness. What you’ve written thus far qualifies as ‘classic’, because it can, and should, be read again and again. Your blog is a “favorite”. With a click, I’m there. Early on, I realized your approach to your subject is serious, heartfelt, and deftly handled. Although I’m not a noisician, I do appreciate the music and the concept undergirding it, particularly as elucidated by you. Totally confident that you will [continue to] make it [an engaging read].”

「ノイズの分類。音とか環境にフォーカスしてシリアスにコンセプチュアルなことをやってる人にはいろいろ参考になることがあるかもしれないロング記事。ノイズについての Dave Skipper氏のサイト、驚くほどの情報量と深い洞察。ノイズをやってる人のほうが下手なミュージシャンよりよっぽど音をよく聴いてるし音を考えているんですよね。東京在住だから興味持った人はライブ行ってみては?」

“You have a really great way of communicating through your blog. I love the surprises you are giving us on the way. I feel I am understanding noise better already and you’ve only just been giving us your opening thoughts! Keep it up.”

“Love to be updated on what you learn. Noise and music do overlap, but are quite different. I’m interested (like you) in sonic exploration and not just chaos as way to worship the Creator.”

“Interesting conceptual writings. It’s an interesting juxtaposition with regards to religion and extreme noise. Or for you, finding relationships between the two… Noise worship! :)”

“I can see how you have researched in depth and taken a look at different perspectives in your writing about Noise Music. I am sure it is worthy of a wider audience.”

“You have some of the best, well thought out unique content I’ve seen in a long while. I’m really looking forward to reading more. Keep up the fantastic work.”

“Your blog has been a really interesting read, I love how you intricately link your passion for music to God – it’s awesome :)”

“So true on so many levels. Love the way you think, and the way you make it so clear and obvious.”

“Awesome noise articles you’ve been posting. From noise we came and to noise we will return :)”

“Thanks again for these. They are helping me understand noise music better… and you better!”

“This is interesting helpful for those like me interested in what you’re doing, how and why!”

“I’ve read your reflections with interest. You are taking your study of noise to new depths.”

“A highly literate blog about noise as music. Destroys hidebound notions of ‘good music’.”

“Very cool stuff. You’ve been writing epic! I was moved to tears with your noise/music.”

“Ah! Finally your project has been born! Interesting read and I’ll read onward as well.”

“Thanks again for an engaging and inspiring read. Splendid reading.”

“Good stuff, I’m glad you are writing these things. It’s great insight.”

“Thank You!! Such a worship-filled, informative, and exciting post.”

“I read few of your articles and it was very interesting!”

“I have really been enjoying your blog by the way. 🙂 ”

“Your writing is really good. It’s really inspiring!”

“Your input in the noise world is awesome.”

“Stunning. My worship reading for the day.”

“So stoked about the work you are doing.”

“I really appreciate your writings.”

“You’re a good writer! Beautiful.”

“Another great read. Keep it up.”

“So glad you are doing this.”

“Keep up the good work!”

“I really like your series!”

“Keep on keeping on!”


“This is awesome!!!!”

“Superbly written.”

“Cool project!”

“You master.”


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