Memories… (series: Beauty in Noise, part 9)

…come to haunt or reassure.

by Dave Skipper

I’ve written a number of poems on this blog. I rather enjoy penning them, but one recurring issues irks me: too much rhyming and too much swerving into approximately metrical metres (is that two issues?). Free verse, cut-up style, stream of consciousness – these would surely befit the aesthetics of noise far more appropriately! Anyway, it is what it is, seems I can’t help myself, so far at least. So here’s another one…


A smell or a sound

Absent from mind

Suddenly reappears

An ancient find

A seagull’s screech

A doorbell ringing

Primary school children

Shouting, screaming, singing

A buzzing lawnmower

A cricket bat

Creaking floorboards above –

Who was that?

A hurricane whistling down the chimney stack

An abandoned kitten’s lonely pine

A deranged midnight scream from the street outside

A pop song or lullaby from 1989 [or 1979, or 1969, or…]

Rekindling feelings

From childhood days

Distant time revisited

Returning in a haze

Far dreaming

A memory stirs

A rush of emotion

But the picture blurs


Nostalgic charm

Or only bitter

Suppressed harm


Wistful longing

Or only bitter

Never belonging

A jumble of flashbacks

Kaleidoscopic sensations

Dizzying artifacts artistically arrayed

In artificially architectural abstracted accentuations

Relief supplied as past trauma denied?

Or the pain too much to bear?

Noise tentacles inexorably infiltrate

Within, without, everywhere

Just out of reach

Straining to retell

Can’t put my finger

On exactly what befell

These partial recollections

All smeary round the edges

Remind me of time’s pull

On my present-only existence

Jumbled details

Forgotten whispers

Errors creep in

As I enter deeper in

To forgotten vistas

And accuracy fails

It’s an exercise in noisification

Some memories more, some less

Shuffling through the crinkles in my mind

Trying to make sense of this mess

The emotional charge of noises revisited

Further ‘noised-up’ by the fading crackle of time

Vinyl scratches, sepia tones

Nothing remains in straight lines

Obfuscating, obscuring

Frustrating or alluring

Deceiving, manipulating

Depressing or elating

Clouding, smudging

Eluding or nudging

Distorting, twisting

Embracing or resisting

Editing, revising

Recalling or surmising

Fading, masking

Yearning or basking


Not welcome


Not welcome

Noise is a gift, a blessing

Noise is a burden, a curse

Noise is memory and memory is noise

Whether for better or worse…

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1 Response to Memories… (series: Beauty in Noise, part 9)

  1. CHERYL J HILL says:

    Great job! Cheryl for the Hills of Japan


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