Incapacitants Documentary (series: Watch This! part 1)

The incomparable Japanese noise legends demystified.

by Dave Skipper

When it comes to learning about noise music, and for immersion in the best of the vast output out there, the best ways to engage are self-evidently through listening to recordings and going to live shows. But where to start with listening? One starting-point is the recently begun podcast series Noisextra, which dissects and eulogises classic and obscure gems from noise artists of note. But every journey into noise is unique, and the process of exploration and discovery is part of the deal.

As for decent noise documentaries and compelling live footage of noise shows, these are relatively sparse and of varying quality. In this series I highlight some essential viewing from the world of noise, and there can hardly be a better place to begin that this wonderfully-compiled history-cum-interview of Japanese noise legends Incapacitants. The doc was freshly released earlier this year, and it’s impressive 14,000+ views count shows just how dearly this duo are held in the niche subculture that is noise music.

I’ll let the video speak for itself, so please do find 44 minutes to spare, sit back and soak it up!

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