Update October 2019

Busy as a bee.
by Dave Skipper

I’ve hit another patch lately of not quite being able to maintain weekly updates to my blog, but I have been busy behind the scenes…

  1. I’ve updated the site’s structure by adding department/series pages for all the article series I have started so far. Each of these pages summarises the purpose and content of the series, and brings together the links to each of the articles within the series. You can access all these pages on the right-hand side of the blog site. Check ‘em out!
  2. I have been working on two substantial texts which will coincide with the release of two upcoming compilation CD projects that I have contributed to. The music for one project was completed some time ago, but the music for the other one I just completed a few days ago. One is set for a November release, the other for February. I’m really happy with how these have worked out! Stay tuned!
  3. I am finally starting to get some of my materials translated into Japanese. I am hoping to start posting Japanese versions of some of my article summaries from early 2020.
  4. Lastly, I have been thinking through and preparing for some very exciting noise recording projects for 2020 and beyond. These projects will tie into my writings on this blog, so I am super-stoked about them! Watch this space.

Meanwhile, as I head into my busiest month of the year – November – with the Tokyo Festival of Modular, I may not hit my stride with regular articles for a little while yet. I have 50-plus part-written articles in the pipeline, I just need the time and headspace and momentum to bring them to satisfactory completion. Please bear with me!

P.S. My Noise Interviews section has also hit some delays so are now more likely to get going next year rather than this year as originally planned.

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1 Response to Update October 2019

  1. Dorinda Miller says:

    Thanks for this Dave😊 Praying that God stretches out the time for you and enables you to write what needs to be written according to His schedule😊 Dorinda xx

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